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The easiest way to request an estimate is to copy this page into an e-mail (hint: try Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy then Ctrl-V to paste) to estimatesatjapanesetranslationsdotcodotuk, filling in or deleting as appropriate. The more information you supply, the better we can serve you...

Service required

Translation from ___________ into ___________
Typesetting in ___________ (language)
Interpreting between ___________ and ___________
Other (please specify, e.g. Copywriting):

Job details

Subject matter, e.g. Business letter
Target, e.g. 'for a national TV commercial', 'for use in litigation', 'information only'
Estimated size, e.g. About 400 words
Deadline, e.g. As soon as possible
Reference material, e.g. 'Previous company brochure (paper copy only)'


Format of delivery

Electronic copy by e-mail: plain text, MS Word, PDF, HTML, EPS, other
Big files via FTP / DropBox / YouSendIt / GoogleDrive
Hard copy / disk by snail mail


Any other requirements / comments?


Your details

Company name:
Postcode / ZIP code:
Website: http://

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